Asian elephants live in forest habitats with access to areas of permanent water and grass. Their average weight is 3 to 5.2 tons, with head and body length of 5.5 to 6.4 meters. Because of their size, they require larger areas of natural range compared to other terrestrial mammals. Thus, they are the first species to suffer the consequences of habitat destruction.

Although there are 38,000 to 51,000 wild Asian Elephants counted to date, they are considered endangered . The hunting of ivory tusk found only in male elephants is the major reason for the decline in species number. Elephant males whose tusks were removed are unable to contribute to the gene pool.


Malayan Sun Bear is the smallest bear measuring only 4.5 feet. Sun bears have an orange patch around their snouts and chest, while the rest of their body parts are black.

They are found in South Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo, and in some parts of South China. Because their home forests are fast disappearing, there is danger that they too will be gone forever.


It all started when the lord of the jungle called the animals of the jungle for a meeting & tired of drinking water from the waterfall, the lord of the jungle wanted a drink that tasted fruity and refreshing. And so, the animals came and brought him fruit juice offerings with a distinctive blend of fruits and refreshing water… a true taste of the jungle!

As a gesture of appreciation to the animals, the lord of the jungle gave the animals a home at the zoo where they can be  befriended and loved by kids all over the world.


Ornate Tree Kangaroo is one of the three remaining species of tree dwelling kangaroos in the world. They are about the size of a big chicken and can climb up with the speed of 15km/hr.

You can find them in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and in Northern Regions of Australia. Since 1960, people from these regions have hunted them down for fur and food. Excessive hunting had severely lessened their numbers. Now, there are about 300 left in the wilds.


Tigers are one of the most enchanting animals on our planet. Facing the possibility to be extinct in just a few years, they desperately need our help.

One of the last “island tigers” is the Sumatran Tiger. They are the smallest of all tigers and are known for their dark black stripped orange coat. An estimate of less than 500 are left in the wilds of the Indonesian Island of Sumatra and 250 are in the zoos throughout the world. With the continuing loss of habitat and its vulnerability to be illegally hunted for traditional medicines and novelty displays, the Sumatran Tigers are critically endangered.


The Philippine Spotted Deer is one of the world’s rarest mammals. It is a small deer of about 80 centimeters tall at the shoulder-not much larger than some dogs.

It formerly occurred throughout the dense tropical forests of Visayan Islands. However recent survey shows that 95% of its former range has been extirpated. The destruction of the forest and over-hunting, are serious threats to the deer’s existence. In fact, the Philippine Spotted Deer was declared to be the most endangered deer in the world.